Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Daffodil watch 2013- HECK NO-  I should be doing a BABY WATCH!!!

But Sarah Grace might find that creepy if I took random pictures of her and posted them......  Like I could take random pictures of her..........

The mind works in odd ways sometimes, I know.  Time for shopping!  :)

My living room will be done when I get back!  WOO HOO!!

Oh and Daffodil watch will go on, but know that Baby watch will always be in the background, waiting to make its announcement!!!!

You knew all this stuff would filter down, once my brain was cleared of unnecessary clutter like remodeling and grades and the Wizard of Oz.  And I will be doing a bit of a post on the Wizard soon.  I really want to see that Wizard of Oz movie, too......

I wonder what Adam is doing????  hmmmmm

Until later, find your joy!

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