Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I'm totally in love........

With this floor!!  I actually teared up a little when I saw it. The color and the character is just fantastic!!

Joe did SUCH a great job finishing it off.  He sanded it quite a bit apparently- lots of places where there was paint splotches along the edges, and a few marks where someone dragged something very heavy- we think probably the wood stove at one point.  And we all know there was a wood stove, as  A. a little old lady who used to live here stopped by a few years ago and she told me so!  And 2. there are cool spark/burn marks that just add to the history of the place.  So these pix were taken between the second and third coat of poly, which btw, does not really smell at all!  Pleasant surprise!!!
Front room view

Kitchen angle and a peek of the Builder!

window angle

Hallway angle

Hallway angle, left

Hallway angle, right

Footsie angle- there are the burn marks, too.
Tomorrow it will actually be finished- the trim boards go up!  I will be shopping for a few things I need in Eau Claire.  I of COURSE know I could probably find these things closer than that, but hey, I'm on spring break.  It is the closest thing to a vaca as I am going to get! :) 

Now the question is, what sort of shape is the kitchen floor going to be in?? We won't investigate that for a few weeks yet, but I have been wavering between the wood and tile.  It seems a shame to cover the the gorgeous wood that has been waiting to make it's appearance.  I do like it so very much.....  And with the new sealing materials, apparently the wood is quite safe from water damage.....  so I guess we will see what lurks below!  I am again leaning towards the wood.  It would be a nice warm color and it is such a legitimate material- local tongue and groove maple!!  

Such a joy!!


  1. Poly is nice like that! Beautiful floors, by the way.

    1. THANK you!!! I ADORE the floor, just am totally in love with it. And thanks for the comment again. It is so hard for some people to leave a comment on the blog here. makes me sad!

  2. I absolutely LOVE it! What a change!