Friday, March 29, 2013

Final Official update- sort of

So here is my last official update, but I still want to do one more thing yet.  This one was hardish to photograph, as my living room only has furniture in it. And not my final furniture!  I have virtually no decorations in it and it seems very empty.  But that is ok, I will be putting things back slowly and I am going to use this opportunity to clean a lot of things out.

I am catching some flack from certain Mad-Children for not wanting to rehang a certain old, weird clock that is apparently "an old Oswald heirloom" - so we shall see where that thing ends up.  Threats have been made to put it somewhere upstairs.

So, I am putting these pix up, without a window angle, as my kitchen is such a disaster that I just couldn't take the pic.  I mean, seriously a disaster area.  I hope I have a huge store of energy today, as I have a lot to do before my kiddos come home for the weekend.  Not of course the expectant kiddos, as Sarah Grace is too close to delivery to travel that far.  And I believe Jon needs to paint his basement!!  Ambitious boy - he's an awful lot like his father.  Project driven!
Front room angle
Ok, I do need a flat screen TV now.  But I have patience- that will come sometime soon.
Hallway angle

Kitchen angle

So bare yet!
Anyway, here is the "finished" room, but is not finished!  This was really a fast renovation, but in some ways seemed like forever!  But that happens in life a lot, doesn't it?

I have to THANK THANK THANK my elusive Mike.  He helped me move the furniture back in (the MA is in the throes of personal tax returns and doesn't return home until the late evening) and then put together the TV stand and reconnected my SATELLITE!!!!  He's such a good boy.  The Easter bunny will be stopping by for him definitely!

I have so much cleaning to do,  (and I have some pix I want to edit!!) but, I don't feel like I can rest and enjoy this for a while.  Probably when the kids get here- way later tonight!!  And be here tomorrow and Sunday- which will give me a lot of joy!

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