Friday, March 29, 2013

Tofu noodles with veggies

I am so thrilled to report that our local grocery store, with very Northwoods, pedestrian choices has TOFU NOODLES!!! Low carb. Good protein. Noodles. Holy moly. Who knew?? Actually I didn't know there was such a thing for sale or I'd have been looking for it.

I bought some fettucini style and I ran home and whipped up something quick. And then I proceeded to eat more than seems decent. For not very many calories.  Let's be honest, I demolished it!!

This is not a very "pretty" or sophisticated food post, but it is definitely one of the most delicious things I have eaten in a very long while.

FIRST of all, I used Gardein Barbecue "Wings" and sauteed a few of them for a little bit without the BBQ sauce, then cut up some asparagus and zucchini and sautéed the veggies until tender-crisp.  The noodles simply get precooked a bit in the microwave, then drained, rinsed and dried off a bit with a paper towel.  They smell kind of funny at first, but you get past that pretty quickly.  They are very noodle-like.  Not soft or weird, but a really good texture.  I adore them and will be getting even MORE!!

While the veggies were finishing I sprinkled some flavored feta cheese on the "wings" that were in the bowl and covered it with the noodles.  Dumped on the veggies and stir!  I used Spike! seasoning, which works so well in so many applications, as the only flavoring beyond some nice Himalayan Pink seasalt.  I hope this is enough of a recipe for you!

Simple ingredients


The angel hair style of tofu noodles- I used fettucini - **btw, the whole package is only 40 calories!!!

Soooo good!  This is an excellent brand- and non soy

I think the whole thing was about 450 calories, which INCLUDES the tablespoon of Spanish olive oil that I used to saute the wings and the veggies.  THAT was alot of food for 450 calories, I wasn't very hungry for the rest of the day!!  Of course I managed to have a little chocolate later.  :)

Sometimes simple is the bestest!  And very very joyful.


  1. I've been wondering about the smell, since some people have written that it was very gross. I'm glad you didn't have this problem. I'm going to try some one of these days.

    1. They do smell "bad" but I didn't really care.... and as soon as you cook and rinse again and then mix in some other food it really didn't matter. And you couldn't taste anything bad. I think they are pretty awesome!

  2. I have to try them! How many carbs/cals per serving?

  3. Tanya, there are 20 calories per serving (two servings per package)!!! You can eat like a piggie and it won't matter! It has 2 gms of protein, so there can't be much in carbs and I think virtually no fat. I mean for 20 calories and 2 gms of protein, what more can there be?? Not much! :)