Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Living room reno, mudding in full swing

I knew that today wasn't going to be very dramatic as far as the update, and I don't think tomorrow is going to be either.  But I started this journey and I must finish it!  I am rarely so compulsive about this sort of thing that it is a bit tedious now- but I will complete it!

I returned home tonight to definite different smells of all things- smells very "painty" in here, but I know it is the mud.  The place is looking good and I know that coming next is the last layer of this stuff and then sanding.....  if it wasn't dusty before (which it was) it will be now. Then I believe there is primer and Thursday (holy smokes, that is tomorrow) the electrician is coming.  

Meanwhile outside the house, winter has a stranglehold on northern WI and no one here is particularly amused by it......  the words I said as I walked to the horse barn yesterday through all that snow would have made a teenager blush.

Anyway, here is the mudding update!  Greg Oswald, I hope you are reading this!! 

Front room angle

Kitchen angle

Hallway angle- arch
Hallway angle

window angle- ceiling

Window angle
So you know what I think of when I see this last one?  I have to get new garbage and recycling bins with covers for when the dogs come.......  certainly a more aesthetically pleasing thing can be found.  Ah yes, this is going to cause a lot of purchases, I can tell.

So until next time, which we all know will be tomorrow, be a joy giver!!

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