Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Play week, on it goes

Today is a weird day, as even though it is play week, a pause in the action is in place.  Today is one of those early dismiss days that we are cursed with occasionally have, where we as teachers get to have our homeroom kids for a couple hours and they get to look properly grumpy and we get to try to teach them something that they don't want to know about.  But sometimes they have to just suck it up and hear about some of the necessary evils in life, in this case- internet safety.  Yeah, they will love that.

But part 2 to this pause in the action is that usually we would have an equally compelling inservice afternoon full of fun and delight (you do know sarcasm when you hear it, right?) but INSTEAD, many of us are working at the District level Solo and Ensemble for band and choir that our school is hosting this afternoon.  What a cool way to spend the time from 2 - 8.....  Because I am like this, a former band mom and choir fan and generally bossy helpful person, I invited myself to work in the auditorium where I will have the SERIOUS PLEASURE of listening to the jazz band among other things! With any luck at all, I will be able to hear a bunch of brass music as well.  I know our kids will be well prepared, I hope the other schools are as well.  Whatever it is, the venue is a big room, so the big ensembles will be playing.  I miss those days of running all over the schools, listening to my boys and being all nervous about how they are going to do.....  it was fun and I got to go all over the state because of it.  So this is cool!

ANYWAY, I get to listen to music this afternoon and make sure the judge is happy and my partner gets to beat the people back who are trying to get into the room before the groups are done playing....  Good luck with that Tom.  Been there and done that!

So how did the dress rehearsal go?? REALLY well!!  I had a GOOD time putting makeup on the leads, I rocked the Lion's look and will be finessing the heck out of it as the days go on here.  We are pretty much ready to go, of course there are a few last minute things that keep my from putting my paint away yet.  But we have today!!

I want to be a makeup artist when I grow up!

Wicked Witches of the West!

I am feeling pretty optimistic right now, I know that I won't be home until later tonight, but that is fine.  Tomorrow it turns out Mr. Donner has to play at lenten services, so I will be done at 6!!!!!! I will definitely be spending some quality time at home after we get done with practice, or maybe I should post some grades at school.... oy.

Hope tomorrow will bring me the same sort of optimism!  And an outlook of joy!

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