Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Livingroom Reno update- um what number is this??

PROGRESS!!!!!  The taping and mudding has begun.  Am I starting to see the end in sight????  Well YES I AM!!! 

I am in LOVE with this arch- I can't tell you how much pleasure this is giving me.  It is going to be like my bathroom- I will enjoy it every single time I go through there for a long time.  My visual world rules my senses and I do mean it, I note to myself every time I look at my tile floor in the bathroom or take a shower how much I love the tile.  And I do that every time I see a pic of or look at my archway.  I feel the love!!  :) I don't get to look at it very often as I am exiled to the front room where I am scrunched in between a wall and a half of a couch.

Front room angle
The MA and I (together for heavens sakes) have arrived at a paint color for the living room, it is going to be in the warm gold tones, using the wood floor, which we sanded a little bit of and saw color like you won't believe, as a mid tone, and one wall and the ceiling will be lighter and the other 3 walls, darker.  I am super excited!  The FLOOR, you guys, is beyond my wildest expectations!!!  It has tones of gold and even a bit of a reddish look- at least from a preliminary sanding.  We are thinking it is maple!

Anyway, I have to move along here, so here are my shots of the room, I don't know how different it will look tonight, as it is another layer of mud - so we shall see I guess!!  It seems like the electrician will be here on Thursday to hook up the outlets and the CEILING FAN AND LIGHT!!!!  WA-HOOOOOO!!!
Front room angle
Kitchen angle
Kitchen angle, right

Kitchen angle, left

Hallway angle

hallway angle, far right

Hallway angle, ceiling

Window angle- arch
It is the little things that lead to a whole lot of joy!!

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