Monday, March 25, 2013

Longing for boredom....

I have to make this another quickish post, as I will not be bored for a while!!  Oy.

FIRST of all I will do the best recap of the livingroom and hopefully the Wizard of Oz in the next day or so.  The play went really well, and I loved the way the scenery looked. The living room also looks FABULOUS, and after one misstep, the paint color is just wonderful and I adore it.

SO, the electrician actually does come today, and will put my electric things back in order, including LIGHT- which is so awesome, I can't even tell you.  And I have an appt. which involves reclining for an hour (dentist) which suits me fine, because me in a reclining position for an hour somehow seems desirable, even if someone is keeping me from talking for so long.  THEN, I have to go finish elementary school children grades and after lunch- HIT THE GYM BABY!!!  FINALLY!!!!!!  I may weep.  I will become loud and obnoxious.  It will be expected.

But before that all comes, I have to stain the wood trim that is laying all bare on the floor in the livingroom right now- because I do not get to have any time to sit around and think and clean things up or make food of any sort (not that I can hardly tolerate too much food yet- ugh). I am very grateful that I do not have to climb up on my step stool for this task, as I have some very sore calves and ankles of all things.  Very strange- probably from balancing on a step whilst taping and painting and such.

May I also say that FROG TAPE is the best thing EVER!!!!  Go with the green painters tape people, it ROCKS!!!

Ok, I have to be done here, I have to get myself staining in the next 15 minutes to sort of stay on schedule.  AND I am not sure what time the Builder and Electrician come, so I want to stay ahead of the game and not still be in my robe at that time.  And yes, I do realize they won't be here at 6:30.....  shhhhh.  I have to keep myself from becoming a goof off-

Until next time be a JOY GIVER!!!!!  SPRING BREAK BABY!!!!!!

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