Saturday, March 30, 2013

Picture of the day and a few others.....

I took some pix today with my bigger camera- I finally feel like I have some focus and center again!  I found this first pic, and my pic of the day!- from March 5.  Which is right about the time I was beginning my whole living room reno thing.  Makes sense that I forgot about it I guess.

Today I had the misfortune of being sickish, and I am not thrilled about it.  However, life is like that and I rested a lot.  My wonderful children did things for me like make dinner and fed the horse and all, so I feel very pampered and lucky. And my lovely hubs took us all out for lunch, so I only made breakfast for myself!  Tomorrow will be another story, what with pancake day and Easter dinner and all.  But that is ok.

This morning there was a lot of rain and a bit of snow in there too, at one point it looked like snow balls falling from the sky.  Hard to see, but that is what I attempted to capture this morning.  

Later this evening, though, there was the wonderful sight of mist rising from the snow, which means melting is going on!!  YAY!  And it was lovely.

You will notice that Lola has made multiple appearances in this post, and she is quite grateful for it.  She thinks that she has been quite neglected lately.  I haven't been talking to her too much lately, I have been preoccupied.  To say the least.  So let's finish off this evening with beholding the lovely Lola again and bid her good night!  Don't worry Lola, spring is on it's way and soon you will be surrounded with color!

Be a joy giver!  No joy stealing allowed~

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