Monday, April 1, 2013

Living room wrap up but not with a bow!

Yeah, well I am not totally done with the living room, I had another virus step in the way- good grief.  So, I again did not accomplish what I planned to Thursday and Friday.  Good heavens, amazing how things go sometimes.

Today I had an unpleasant-ish day at school, it wasn't horrific, but it wasn't great.  Temper tantrums were imminent, but I managed to contain myself.  Yay for me, I guess, maturity managed to win over petulance.

Anyway, I am here at home resting, which I think was the right thing to do.  I feel very yucky, but oh well, I can tell I am on the mend.  I am sure that I will feel better tomorrow.  I need to.  I HAVE TO!

So, as long as I am sitting here like a slug, I thought I'd like to put up a series of pix from one view point - Just for kicks and giggles and because the Mad-middle son thought it would be entertaining to see the progress.  I know it is too bad it couldn't have been a true progression through the day series, but that's ok- this will be cool.

Here is the kitchen view:

Tonight's view

I still want to get a small antique desk for the corner and I have to put art up yet, but at least it is coming together!  YAY!

AND here is another view:

A little desk is def in order and certainly a bigger TV,  meow!  

Well this was entertaining to see!  I love it!!  It was so awesome to come home to this today, I  was feeling warmer and happier just being in here.

And I certainly found some joy!

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