Saturday, March 9, 2013

Standing on the edge

This is not as dire as the title implies......

I am standing on the edge of a couple of CRAZY weeks coming up here.

I have so many little thoughts running around in my brain, I hope I can make some sense of them.  First of all, I feel I have to mention that I have not done a single post on the school musical this year so far.  I began my  blog two years ago during the height of scenery painting season and when I was in full gardening preparation mode.  These two catalysts for my blog have been sadly lacking here.  I feel bad for them, like the older sibling of a brand new baby in the family.....  I know this is weird, but you all should know me enough to get it.

My brand new baby has been my weight loss and my exercise and my new Debi stuff.  Which isn't new so much any more- which is an interesting concept!  This will need exploring soon.

Oh, yeah, crazy weeks.  Of course one thing is the musical that is 2 weeks from today- ohmygosh.  I can't even think about that.  And the end of the quarter is the FRIDAY of the musical- just because the timing is that good.  AND beginning MONDAY morning, I am having a major renovation done on  the livingroom of my house.

Joe the builder is going to be orchestrating this reno; there is already a big ole dumpster in my driveway.  I do plan to take nightly pix of the progress being made.  NEW ceiling, walls, floor, trim, lights, ceiling fan, etc. will be in place.  No structural changes, really, just get rid of hideous paneling and carpet and some sketchy ceiling stuff.  BUT it will be a huge change and improvement for me.  Eventually this spring I will be breaking out my tile cutter and grout and redo my kitchen floor as well.

Today I am going to go fetch myself some switch covers and most importantly,  a ceiling fan for the living room.  YES!!!  Today and tomorrow I am going to pack up my livingroom and figure out where to stash the couch and how in the heck am I going to move around the electronics. I am afraid of electronic things that have cords coming out the back of them.  Not computers- but things like TVs, receivers and crap like that.  DON'T JUDGE ME!!!!  I just want someone to do it for me.....  ugh

So, yeah, I am standing on the edge of a sort of steep hill and I see some real cool stuff down at the bottom, but feel just a little hesitant to begin down that slope.  I know that about half way through it I will feel just a little out of control and a bit dizzy, and possibly a little crabby......  But the sun will shine through!

I find morning to be a hard time of the day, but my favorite time of the day.  I like the peace of a day not yet begun, but I am frequently plagued with worry and self-doubt.  Fill up that coffee cup again, Miss Debi!

This morning I opened my emails to find some of my favorite things- including a new post from a favorite blog of mine- The Smitten Kitchen- for buttermilk biscuits.  Not that I really am craving biscuits, but the pictures brought back a lot of memories. I have that same exact bowl, that was my moms, in my cupboard.  I love that blog, she is funny and a great cook!  I also got an update from Pinterest - "weekend inspiration"- which is something I really need,  but not from Pinterest really, and a few other odds and ends including yet another recipe post for chickpeas....  If I have time, I might try it out.

I have things that I want to blog about, but I am having a hard time right now finding the time.  I just began an art education Facebook page- Mrs. Oswald's art education page- for myself and my students and anyone else who wants to check it out.  It is a bit of art history and other interesting things I can't always cover in art class.  I need a week to work out all the technology based things that I have in the works.  And there are a ton of them.

Anyway, now you see why I feel I am on a precipice!  It may not be quite the same as the looming tax deadlines of the MA, but it feels the same to me.  I have so many personal interactions to have and monitor every day, that I feel like I have almost exhausted my own personal supply of words.....

So in spite of the snow, I am going to strike out to Rhinelander soon, and begin the task of tearing down my house to be able to have it built up again.  And away we go!

Until next time, be a joy giver and don't be too hesitant to start that journey!  :)


  1. Don't worry Mrs.O, all your students love you! You'll find that all of these troubles are worth the reward! You are too sun-shiny to be so stressed! lol Love you!:)