Monday, March 11, 2013

And so it begins

SO, here is the beginning of our livingroom renovation......
I LOVE this pattern.... 

Some might ask WHY it took so long to redo this interesting snapshot of 70's color and paneling, but you know the answer to that if you know us at all.  That would have to do with 3 children..... and their playing, and their schooling and their college and then there is the AHEM- CABIN which apparently took precedence over the actual house!  But we won't be bitter here (for too much longer), and go on with it.  Obviously the bathroom renovation was the most important thing to me and that is why that sucker is done.  NEXT will be my tragedy of a bedroom, but that is for another blogpost! :) The MA has no idea what is about to hit him- hehehe.

The Mad-Middleson, Greg, suggested that I take a shot from one angle every day, and so I am taking a shot from 3 angles. Of course I already fell down in that regard, as I did not get all three angles last night when we finished up as much as we were going to do.  So I will rectify that in a little while. So for now, this is what I have. Obviously the first pictures are with the furniture in it.  Right after this was taken we trudged back to the cabin to get the drill- **inserteyeroll** and then we were off to the races. I enlisted the elusive Mike to come over and help move furniture.  As strong as I am, I am too short!!!  I have a hard time being able to get a good hold on big things like that stupid couch, which I acknowledge and make alternate accommodations for - like calling 6 ft tall son to the rescue.  I am thrilled to note that I was able to carry boxes of books up the stairs with out any issue, I think back a few years and it would have been an issue!!  YAY!

I made a LOT of trips out to the dumpster last night!  After the trek out to the cabin, mrcrankypants MA's "broken ankle" (which may have been-oops) was hurting and I ended up dragging all that trim and paneling and some of the carpet (that stuff is heavier than one would think) outside.  Did you know there is dumpster etiquette???  Seriously!!!  I did not put it in neatly enough. Apparently one can't just leave pieces sticking out above the top of said large metal container.  Who knew??  No wonder I slept well last night.  

Anyway, then I have a few pix that include a good shot of a BEAUTIFUL hardwood floor under the carpet of disgrace.  BEAUTIFUL.  I mean, really, why??????  WHY cover that?  Well I know why, because it looked horrible with the 1970's era paneling.  I can't even.  I have some issues with paneling- and fortunately I don't have to resolve them.  I really wanted to have a ceremonial burning of the paneling AND the carpet in the middle of the driveway, but I was given stern looks and reminded of nails and toxic fumes and such...... oh FINE!

I also have a pic here of the retro wall paper that actually has sort of a sun pattern to it, which I really do sort of love!  I am not sure why, but I do.  Unfortunately there is no way to save any of it, as it is very fragile and brittle.  sigh.  AT any rate, I will enjoy the clean awesome old new floor, the clean awesome walls and ceiling and all the new electrical work that is about to be done.  I am very excited!!!

Expect updates!!!!

Children- prepare yourselves- the clock will NOT be making a return appearance.

With furniture

This light will not be gracing my new livingroom!

Mental note: clean off crap on side of frig for heaven's sakes

Without furniture or carpet

Discussing the paneling

Removing staples from the floor

funky, cool wall paper

You can see where the livingroom wall used to be the original house's outside wall.  As much as I like the wall paper
I am glad I did not have to look at it for the last 30 years.....  hmmmm paneling-wallpaper.  Idk, it's a tossup.

Good old Mike, I think I'll keep him!!

If I take a few more pix, they will be inserted under here in an update.  But I think this should take care of it mostly.  

I love having things change, as I said before, I just don't like waiting for the change.  Makes me nervous.  And antsy and it took a long time to fall asleep last night, but once I did I was out.  So today I have to KICK out the painting of the stage stuff as we only have a WEEK LEFT!!! EEEEEEEK!!!  

Until next time- that would actually be tonight or tomorrow morning- be a joy giver!!

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