Tuesday, March 12, 2013

You just never know- or - the tale of go with the flow

HEY, you know, I just love it when things go way different than what you think they were going to be and it turns into something even cooler than the original plan!!

Hidden pleasure - from window

detail of metal arch
Take note of these photos!  LOOK at the beautiful thing that is hidden in the wall- an arch!  THIS is fantastic to me.  First of all the curve of this arch and the size is lovely.  It will open up the space a bunch, in a different way than I intended, but how can I not take advantage of this original graceful part of the house?  After the amazing discovery of these lovely hardwood floors, this is a room that is demanding a little attention.

Another little tidbit that very few people will understand, except perhaps my sister, is that in the house I grew up in, there was an arched door way similar to this- between the livingroom and the diningroom.  Several of us in the family were irritated when my dad did just what the remodelers of this house did- cover it up because  they couldn't be bothered to deal with it.  Realizing these similarities, the covering of original finishes, floor and structural details just cements in my idea that the 70's were a time when people were so anti-old fashioned that they needed to obliterate any semblance of the previous decor and style of the house.  So the inside was a total disconnect to the outside of the house.  That is how our old farmhouse was as well.  It is interesting - and I guess I am having the same reaction.  I just need to update, and maybe in this case, to restore a little, the work of others.  I think this makes sense.  And somehow seems respectful in many senses of my life.

looking from kitchen
At any rate, it feels right and feels like an authentic thing to do for this place.  BTW, all of  you electrically inclined and do-it-yourselfers, breathe deeply and relax.  The electrical issues you see here WILL be addressed.  Like tomorrow, or Thursday!  Meanwhile, there is a little bit of demo to do yet, I DO want electric outlets on the wall under the window, so the drywall there will go, and the ceiling "tiles" or whatever those are, will be going as well.  Not much left in that regard.  Then the task of putting the place back together again will commence.

The floors will ONLY need a light sanding and sealing, which is so amazing, I can hardly still believe it.  So far I have one expert thinking it might be ash (but he only saw pix) and one thinking it might be maple (he sees it in person) and no one else really knows. It is northern WI tongue and groove, so oak is doubtful.  REGARDLESS, it is beautiful.

Here are my pix, and now I am taking them from 4 angles!!  I was so surprised when I walked into the room yesterday, having taken a pix from the kitchen door to turn and see the west wall.....  amazing.

OLD drywall!!  

looking from front room

Looking from kitchen

Looking from hallway door

Yes, Virginia, there was a light fixture in the room before......  
So,  until tomorrow- keep your eyes open- you might find some hidden pleasures and unexpected joy!


  1. I found a lot of surprises when I was renovating my California house. The floorplan had been substantially changed sometime in the 50's. It was built in the late 40's.
    There was hardwood under the carpet as well. It needed a deeper sanding but it looked great when it was done.
    Keep on powering through. I know it's stressful and exciting at the same time. You will be so pleased with the end result!

    1. Hey thanks for the thoughts! This floor is going to just take a little sanding- it is in amazing shape. I will be very happy with the way it will work out!