Wednesday, March 13, 2013

IN other news....

I just wanted to separate my whining post from the JOY of my reno post.....

I am tired, y'all!  I am tired from the play activities, from not sleeping well, from having the children at school lose their FREAKING minds from the thing called 3rd quarter insanity.

I am tired from a few people in my life disappointing me to the nth degree- and I am tired from having my adrenaline going all the time.  I understand that some people are under more stress than me (like accountants who are gone from the morning until 9 or 9:30 at night) and have much more physical jobs than I do (like builders who are renovating livingrooms during snowstorms and things like that), but I am feeling the effects of putting in 12 hour days at school.  Not only do I have to do my regular job, but then continue teaching art after school while trying to paint and not do it ALL for them.  I understand that I chose to have these renovations done during my absolute busiest time of the year, and maybe that is the best time I could have done it.  But I am thinking that if I could have arranged a tropical vacation and had all of it done during that time, that would have been even better!!!  HA!  yes, I am delusional this morning and God helpme, it's only Wednesday.

I am totally over not being able to go to the gym after my day, but I just plain run out of time and energy..... and they close at 8!  I miss my weight-lifting, I am sure it is good to skip a week, but the focus and energy I get from that activity is something that I can't describe, and it is something I need to get back to asap.  I am also tired of my knees being achy and my wrist and arm being numb EVERY DAMN MORNING.

I am missing my photography so much, I am about to become one of those clocktower snipers.....

And seriously, I just get tired of myself sometimes.

So in my extremely positive way- some might find it disturbingly, persistently, positive way- I need to refocus my thoughts and see the bigger picture.  So here goes
1.  Only 2 weeks from now I will be in the middle of spring break.  I better be enjoying myself!  And during that time I will be having a pedi and a massage, and not all on the same day!  WIN WIN!

2.  I only have one huge thing left to paint for scenery and a few days to do it, and so it will get done!  I have a long night I can put in tonight and tomorrow night and Friday I will drag students in from art classes if I have to!

3. I am letting my muscles rest and recover and my carpal tunnel is getting slightly better from not lifting.  So this is a good thing, and I also have a plan for this coming week.  Yay!

4.  The third quarter is almost finished and on to the final 9 weeks of the school year.

5.  It is daylight savings time and it is lightish when I get home now- this is helpful.  I am hoping to make it home in the daylight at some point.

6. There is enough snow to snowshoe this weekend!  (I know this is almost too positive for even me, but it is true!)  Did you know that last year at this time the snow was GONE!!  I can't even.....  *positive thoughts, girl, positive*

7. I have so many good friends that I can hardly believe my good luck.  I wish I could have them all in a room for a fabulous party!  Wouldn't that be cool?  From all over the state AND from all over the US!  It'd be a blast.  Tequila would be consumed!  :) Speaking of which, I am hoping to be imbibing in a tequila flavored refreshment Friday night.......

8. It is almost spring.

9. I am going to have a new livingroom soon!!!!

10. I am going to also have visiting kiddos and grandpuppies here in a couple weeks- yay!

11. I am going to have a granddaughter soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So there is your dose of Debi whining and Debi disturbingly optimistic for the day.....

Hope you all can find your own joy!

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