Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Living room reno- deconstruct and rebuild

There is progress in a subtle way today- lots of things that are not super noticeable, but take up a lot of time!  
My artistic contribution
Here are the pictoral viewpoints again, and this time I did get them all in.  :) The drywall around the window is gone and that wall is insulated.  The rest of the walls have 2 x 4's in them that weren't there yesterday!  I am assuming that is a good thing!  :)

Today the electrician comes to make sense out of the wiring and put in some new outlets and the center ceiling fan and light!  It occurred to me yesterday that I am going to need a place to do some quick painting and staining/finishing and I have gotten the go ahead from my friend the woods teacher at school to use the spray booth!  PERFECT!  So I have a place to paint the metal for the furnace thingies and also finish the trim boards- it is always easier to do that before they are cut and put in place!
So there isn't a real lot to report today- other than I do long for the tv and listening to Justin on the channel 9 morning show, and of course I am going to miss Project Runway tomorrow night, which is just about killing me......  boooooooo.  Oh well.  I'm barely home anyway.
view from the front room door

View from the kitchen door

view from the window
 I simply can NOT wait for the arch to be revealed!!!  It is going to wreak a little havoc in the kitchen, though.

Another angle from the front room

View from the hallway door

Another angle from the hall door
When I get home tonight, I am expecting I will be seeing a bunch of new electrical wires and such- and a box for the new fan and lights and some outlets at least roughed into the walls.  This is will be cool, because then things like DRYWALL can go in!  I really do need to consider what color paint I am going to put on, because I imagine I will be painting here in a week or so---  because I don't have enough to do.  Lol.

Did I mention I have a play that I am involved in?

Until next time- hang on tight, the ride is heading down the first hill even faster!  Let the screaming commence....  and find your joy in the rush of it all!