Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ka- POW! Look at this, would you?!!

You know those little angels that sing in the background when you see something amazing?  Well, at least on TV? (Is this the time to reveal I really hear that?? No?)  Well those alleged angels sang when I saw my living room last night. 
 My archway is so COOL! 
"Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa............" (angels singing) 
It is really difficult for you to realize how different this looks unless you had been in my claustrophobic little kitchen.  Now, mind you, this kitchen doesn't really bother me all that much.  I grew up in a house with a MASSIVE kitchen, yet this is pretty efficient and easy to use.  Only occasionally do I find my counter space is inadequate (I do bemoan the fact that I have no dishwasher, and really no place for one), but generally I am fine with it.  (Unlike the paneling and carpet in the livingroom, which I hated with every fibre of my being)  But WOWZA, the way that this made both room feel so much bigger is absolutely amazing.  Which of course is what I had wanted so SCORE for me, even if it is a different idea, the result is the same.  I effectively eliminated a bit of storage space though, so I have to rethink a few other areas of the house- but I think I have that worked out already.  Just have to have the time (insert hysterical laughter) to reorganize.
Let there be light (soon)

In other news, there is now a spot for a ceiling fan and light!!!! AND there are a badillion electrical outlets that are sprinkled all over the place!!! WOOO HOOOO!  And there is progress on the ceiling fan and light situation in our bedroom as well, so that is fabulous.  Seriously, who would think that such a thing would be so exciting?  I am going to have a garage sale for all the extension cords I no longer need!  

Front room angle- isn't this construction site amazingly tidy??  I'm so impressed.

from the kitchen- to the left
from the kitchen to the right (where is the flash??)

From the window-flash now engaged (you have to remember I am seriously impaired at night)


from the hall, to the right
From the hall to the left

Arch from the kitchen
 I am really thrilled with this progress!!

So on the agenda today is apparently some ceiling drywall!!  THAT is going to be pretty cool- and I should actually take a pic or two of the ceiling again- just for comparison.  (which I just did- with no flash- hehehe)

So until next time- be a joy giver!!!


  1. Awesome! I love that archway-makes a huge difference I bet!

    1. It DOES! Pix do not do it justice! Thanks Tanya!