Thursday, March 14, 2013

Quick hits

Some quick thoughts this morning-

I seriously need some time to myself, because I am starting to scare the children.  Not my own children, and not the elementary children, but the HS kids have seen me yell twice (heard?) in as many days!!  I do not yell at the kiddos, so this is not cool.  Of course the yellees totally deserved it....... but still.  I'm on edge.

I am actually very pleased with the scenery progress, because we are actually going to finish it tonight.  I still have 4 portraits to paint (on the piano hider) but the rest will be done this evening.  I am going to try to make my way back to the sewing machine and whip up a pair of witches legs for the play, yet this weekend............. because I am an idiot and find the need to do that.....................  but you know.

But that is good (the progress) as I NEED to have a day to myself SOON.  And that will have to be Sunday, as I am going to go in and paint the stage with the kiddos on Saturday afternoon.  I WILL BE GOING TO WEIGHTLIFT ON SATURDAY MORNING!!!!!! (whew, I feel better just saying that) And then the stage, and I have no idea when I will grocery shop. I am hoping for lunch at the Pal with the MA, as I just don't think I can muster the ambition to make it.  I am thinking "out loud" here.  Anywho, that will effectively take up a lot of my Saturday - and I will need to do some laundry and things like that.  Who knows, maybe I can get a walk or snow shoe in as well.

A couple of things that are not cool about house renovations - totally  beyond anyones' control:

~ there is a film of dust all over my feet from walking on the floors (UGH)

~there is a film of dust all over EVERYthing

~I have NO place to relax and there is that whole no tv thing.  :(

~I somewhat obsessively try to clean up a little of the dust every night instead of parking myself somewhere and eating something healthy.......  and then there is that picture taking obsession.

~I am going to miss freaking Project Runway tonight - the one with all the good looking men and all--- :*(

~ weirdest of all, this has triggered some really disturbing dreams.  I don't know if it is from the disruptions, or from the stress factor of this time of year and this particular year, or what, but I wake up feeling a sense of dread the last few days.  It is creepy!!!  I don't remember the dreams at all, I know this morning I woke up after dreaming about trying to accomplish something- some sort of travel and it involved a school bus, and I just couldn't do what I needed to. One of those frustrating dreams, you know?

Don't  tell me or think that I am ungrateful, or that I brought this on myself or that this is only temporary or anything else- I understand that. I chose to have more piled on me this week and next- but you know this is my blog and I'll cry if I want to!  Or at least whine, because I need to do that sometimes.  I know that I have to look at the positive side of things as I always do, and I am trying to not talk myself into having a bad day.  I think I feel somewhat more upbeat than yesterday, so I am going to attempt to get in the car in a little while with a good attitude and hopefully a good day will follow.

But I better get working on it, because I am not feeling it yet......

So dig around and find that joy!  It has to be under there somewhere.  ( Probably under the film of dust)

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