Friday, March 15, 2013

And we have some drywall....

There is definite movement in the reconstruction front!!  We have ceiling drywall and life appears to be good!  there has been a lot done in the past week, and I am assuming that it will continue to be so.  Again, not a super dramatic day, but very, very encouraging!

THANK GOD its Friday!!  

The first 2 shots are of my ceiling that I never really had!  Somehow this does not bother me either..... 

NOW, this is what I came home to- a nice, clean, white, all but taped and mudded, finished ceiling!  COOOOOL!  I will be assuming, since I forgot to text the Builder when I got home, that some drywall action will continue.


Front room angle (look at all that lovely drywall leaning up against the wall!!)
From the kitchen


Good ceiling shot from the kitchen to the right (drywall!!!)

ceiling shot from the kitchen, with flash


From the hall angle

From the window angle

From the window- to the other direction

This is so cool!!  I think I said that before!  :)

I really can't wait to get home tonight, but I GET TO GO TO THE GYM FIRST!!!!  WOOOOO HOOOOOOO!  CARDIO baby and then weights tomorrow!!!


Anyway, this is an amazing transformation- I can't wait to see what the final day of the week brings- I am guessing some white walls, don't know which ones, tho.  I would imagine my builder finds it exasperating that in this little room there are 3 doors, a window and a chimney to drywall around.  There is one spot where he can put up 2 full sheets and that is IT, the rest will involve cutting.  Rock on my builder friend!!

Until next time- FIND YOUR JOYS IN FRIDAY!!!  I am totally hoping that "someone" has enough energy left tonight to go somewhere- anywhere- to eat because I need a massive drink AND I have no idea where we will be eating our meals!  The table is a little out of commission!!  I will take a few pix of our crowded living conditions this weekend maybe.  Just so I can look back and appreciate it!  :)

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