Friday, March 15, 2013

Happier Mad-Art Teacher

This is just a quick post to make it clear I am not losing my grip!  :)

This HAS been a tough week, and I know others have had tougher ones, but I did not enjoy my days.  There are so many aspects to this, and I won't get into it.  Let's just say I came out a stronger person on the other side.  I am still in the middle of the downhill crazyride, but at least I can see the bottom coming.

Other than undoubtedly more lines on my forehead from frowning, I think I came through relatively unscathed.  I HAVE to thank my buddy MARK HARTER for helping me get that scenery painted, because without him this year, I would be still there this morning, in my Thursday clothes.

I hope you are still with me everyone!  These kinds of weeks are why I continue on my quest for hopeless optimism- it is SO much easier to be positive when you have seen the negative.  Negative in my job, negatives in my personal and professional interactions, negatives in self esteem, but sprinkled throughout I have people (like Mark and so many many others) who came through for me when I genuinely needed the boost.

Interesting how life can change and evolve and people come and go in your life at just the right time.

I feel really bad that, other than my texting loseit friends, I have sadly neglected the site that has been instrumental in my personal transformation, but I know this is temporary.  I'll be back at it soon!

Have a lovely FRIDAY people!!!  MUAH!!!

Be a joy giver!!!!!

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