Saturday, March 16, 2013

And we have walls!!!

This was a LOVELY sight to come home to!!!  LOVELY!

First of all, I came home in the LIGHT!!!  It was before 6 pm- which was AWESOME!  I haven't seen my house in the light hardly at all!  Second, I had been to the gym to do cardio, so I was feeling wonderful!  People just don't understand how much I have to go there and let the cares of the day go....

Anyway, FIRST of all, I am totally impressed with how well this has been cleaned up for the weekend- new plastic on the floor and everything.  I have to find myself a card table so I can have a spot to have lunch and dinner.....

There is just one spot on the walls with out rock on it, except for the little bits at the top, because of COURSE the walls are a tad taller than the drywall. We KNEW that was going to happen.  So, next Monday, I am guessing the rock will  be finished and then there will be some taping and mudding, and I imagine then is the priming, which means I have to figure out a color pronto!!   AGH.  One would think that I would go forward into that with confidence, but one would be wrong.  The front room that was redone about 15 or more years ago is still off-white and it took me a while and a few paint stores to find the right warm grey for the bathroom.  Theoretically, I do not want beige, but I do not want to shut off any possibilities.  I am actually considering a greyish gold color- nice and warm, but not just off-white, a little deeper than that.....  and now I am thinking about a color for my front room, too, since that hasn't been painted for a long long time.  The thing is (no laughing now), I HATE to paint walls.  I might have discussed this with you before, like at Christmas when I finally painted the old wall around the couch- you know the one that is no longer there???  Oh the irony of that!  Not that I am afraid of color, it is just that if I don't like it I will have to paint it again.......  and that would be unfortunate!
Front room angle

kitchen angle, left

kitchen angle, right

Hallway angle

Window view

window view

This is a soothing sight, let me tell you!

And quite the joy!  Until next time, be a joy giver!!

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