Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday morning observations

I find I can sleep SOOOOO well on Friday morning- so well in fact I usually get up an hour or more after I plan to.  And as you know, no amount of exercise, relaxation, planning or praying can get you to sleep that well on Saturday morning! This is something that drives me crazy.  It would be so amazing on a Saturday morning to wake up at 5 am, look at the clock, smile and think, I think I'll just turn over and lay here for a moment and then have it be 7 am.  No.  Just No.  That won't be happening, when I do that (only it will be closer to 4), I will turn over, think about laying there for a bit longer, and then be wide awake within 30 minutes.

Also, why is it when I feel sickish, the sun is out for days on end- DAYS!! And now when it appears I am on the mend and tomorrow is SATURDAY- we are supposed to get 3 - 5 inches of snow???  NOT FAIR PEOPLE!!!

Ok, I am done whining now!  :)

I did manage to go for a good walk yesterday, it wasn't super fast, but I got almost 5 miles in.  I walked over to the stone house and took a few pictures, but that will be a different post.  I have a bunch of photo editing to do from that yet.

I started another blog, it is merely a way for me to keep track of my elementary art lessons and at what point the kids left off- it is one I haven't told people about, or even given anyone a link for it, and yet I already have many page views- I find this weird.  How do people even find something like that??  Oh well.  It is not narrative at this point, it is merely a way for me to use pictures as a reminder.  I can walk into my elementary art room and seriously have no idea what I did with the kids the previous week - and for that matter what I did with a different set of kids the day before!  Schedules, days off, subs, concerts, early dismissals, unexpected interruptions all work together to totally throw off any possible syncing of art lessons for the elementary school. I am already happy with this method!  I have been able to add a few notes to the photos, but I can see on an insane day that just posting the pictures is going to give me a reminder.  And for any one who is judging me and saying that I should just put it on a calendar and write it in- I say- you have no IDEA what my day is like and how my brain works, so stop it.  So there, I feel better now.

On a REALLY positive note- I am coming up on a weekend where I have no obligations to deal with! No play, no company, no painting of any sort (er, um, well, I do plan to paint the arch) and I can try to reorganize my house, wash a LOT of clothes, clean a few more seriously dusty areas I have discovered and generally pull myself together!  AND I plan to do a little goofing off and I need to pick up my book club book, as I have some serious reading that I need to do- it has been TOO LONG!!

And yes, I AM enjoying my livingroom- a LOT!!  I love the color, I love the ceiling fan and the LIGHT!  I love the floor!!  It gives me joy!

Until next time, be a JOY giver!!  and a whole lot of joy will come back to you, too!

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