Saturday, April 6, 2013

Daffodil watch 2013- a slight bit of progress

Well we all knew winter wouldn't REALLY stay forever.  It thinks it wants to, but it is getting slowly nudged out by our buddy spring.  She is gently yawning, handing him his coat and hat and herding him toward the door like a guest who over stayed his welcome.  Really, Winter, you need to go home and go to bed so Spring can organize herself and get ready to PARTY!!!  As I look outside this morning, I see that Winter had to have one last drink and told Spring far too much about himself, (it snowed a little- again) and he is going to be deeply embarrassed next fall when he wakes up and realizes what a doofus he made of himself.  Let's hope he stays sleeping now for a while.

Poster from - one of my favorite health and fitness websites ever!!

Well enough of that crazy analogy- this is what happens when I get plenty of exercise, sleep and I can hear again!  Hehehe.

Oh, back to daffodil watch- Thursday night I went for a fabulous little walk and it was sunny and warm sunny and it felt good to be outside, though I about froze my little patty paws off.  As I was leaving the driveway for the open road, I noticed the daffodil waiting area is seriously losing it's snow!  I mean of course there is still a huge snowbank in front of it, but the open grass area seems to be encroaching.  You KNOW I will be kicking the snow banks once they are of a manageable size!  Take that!!!  Oh Winter!!!!! You appear to have left some of your possessions laying around, next time take it ALL with you!!!  Thanks!

So, as of this moment, before I can see outside and observe how much actual frozen precipitation we have actually received, I am feeling very optimistic!  And that is a JOYFUL thing to be on a Saturday morning!!

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