Sunday, April 7, 2013

Slow down and take another look....

Every so often I face one of those "hang on a second" moments in life.  This particular one occurred during the busiest time of my year- and that of course is play season.  It is a perfect storm of painting, practice, long, LONG performance days, the end of the third quarter, imminent art shows and frequently, Easter for good measure.  I, like the silly thing I am, thought nothing of adding in a full livingroom renovation as well.  You throw in day to day life and it's challenges and joys, and you have someone who set herself up for a set back and that would be back to back viruses in my case.  
I got to lay on my bed, highly uncomfortable and sleeping fitfully- without a TV for noise or company, I might add- for an entire day while my kids went on stage without me.  It was an instructive moment in time, no one (not even me) is irreplaceable.  It made me still my mind, slow down my body and gave me a chance to sort of pull my self together, as I was not really together at all.  I have rethought some things that I have going on and have noticed a shift in my priorities and some of my ways of thinking.  

Not a week later, I found myself coming down with a rhinorvirus and I was ticked.  I had had an enjoyable break, but it was far from relaxing.  And to find myself getting sick with a cold on the Friday before Easter was deflating.  No wonder I was not feeling the ambition to clean up the house after The Builder finished it on Wednesday.  Again, I had no choice but to cut my exercise back and get done only what I absolutely needed to, and let the Mad Middle son and his lovely wife Sarah Jane take over the food on Saturday while I sat from my sniffling throne, half heartedly offering suggestions and basically not caring what was going on.  We got part of the livingroom stuff hung on the walls, and that was a job well done.

I was barely functioning this past week, though I felt better each day, I still had little energy to get through my workouts and certainly did not do nearly as much as usual.  But again, I found some hidden silver linings to this; I got to hang out in my beautiful livingroom and really rest and relax.  I was able to turn my attention to a few things that I hadn't had time to for a while.  And I again had time to rethink a few things that I have going on and am adjusting my reactions to them.  

So I was apparently primed for looking at things from a different angle again, and I spotted an opportunity during my sunny Thursday walk to the Stone House.  I had wanted to get over there for a few days, we had I think 4 days of sunny all strung together in a row, and I had planned to get there every day, but finally GOT there on Thursday.  It was sunny but COLD out, my hands did not warm up for 2 miles. 
Along the way...
In a swamp

I was searching for a different point of view, but that is difficult as I was not willing to walk up the bank in knee deep snow.  I had my tennies on and did not feel the need to get my feet wet with a 35 minute walk home. 

BUT an idea occurred to me - I noticed the snowmobile trail that crosses the road just North of the corner of Hwy E and B.  Even though I pass by that trail all the time, it came to me that I could and should walk on that trail.  It was the perfect time to do it- still frozen and snowy, but not deep and not too slushy.  AND it would lead straight up to that other old house that is across from the Stone House. And I did not quite anticipate the awesome change of the familiar that I was about to see!  I love this viewpoint- the hill that leads up to this old place is fairly steep and makes for an interesting shot, I think at least!

Notice the stone house and this one in the same shot!  

All these shots just demanded a little moody editing.

The snowmobile trail was a little jaunt off my usual path, and one that was welcome and instructive.  I solidified some thoughts that I had been pondering, allowed me to see things again from another side. I tend to get caught up in the whirlwind that is the MadArtTeacher and forget to stop and enjoy the view!  And then take pictures of it!
Even the ducks are standing around waiting for the snow to melt on their resident pond

Spring melt- looking down

And then I noticed this reflection in my camera's view screen and turned my lens up!
I am hoping the weather clears up this afternoon so I can take my camera and go looking for my joy.  I need it.  I have to find it.  And I am sure spring is coming.

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