Sunday, April 7, 2013

One last Boundary waters post- tying up loose ends. LOL!!!!

OMG- LOOK at what I found.  I apparently never tied up these loose ends!  Funny!!  LOOK at the green grass and sigh people of Wisconsin.  It is coming!!!

Ok, I am going to make a few comments as we go here and post this as is.  

Ready to leave!  LOOK!!!  SHORTS and a tank top!  :)

Emily and Rose during their canoeing test at the camp

Emily and Rose after their bailout!  

Emily and Rose with a canoe-full

Preparing for the trip

Packing our shtuff

This is a hoot!  The memories and smells and sounds come flooding back

The other group of canoers who were there at the same time as we were



Pat hard at work lifeguarding, Nathan trying to get settled and my pedicured toesy!  That pedi was not long for this world.  Lol

First night campsite

Our life jacket tree

Yay for coffee!!!!!

Morning in Minnesota

Typical path to the loo!

Our glorious sandy beach campsite
Oh wow this was so much fun to revisit-

What a fabulous week that was.

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