Monday, April 8, 2013

Meanwhile back at the (sheep) ranch and other Sunday stuff

Sunday proved to be a very productive day.  I woke up coughing like a maniac and was just too lethargic to go to the gym.  If DEBI is not feeling the gym one morning, she is excused from going, because the gym is a pleasure and a joy to attend.  So, I turned my attention to my bedroom and began to clean parts of it.  I delved into areas that have not been disturbed for a while, and while a bit dusty at times, it was a very satisfying thing to do.
Self portrait at the landing: canoe wistful

About 4 I emerged, dust covered (there was a lot of construction fallout lurking about yet) I decided to finish up the huge mess that was in the kitchen and go for a walk.  After actually driving into town for gas and a couple things from the grocery, I stopped by the MA's office and checked to see how he was doing.  He's been pretty upbeat for as many hours as he has put in this year- seems like he was at one of those offices a LOT.  (only one more week)  He needed to chat with our friends (and his relatives)- Paul and Judy- out at the sheep ranch about business stuff, he needed to get out of the inside of a building and of course it is always nice to see the lambies. BONUS TIME!!!  There were puppies!!

First though I had time to walk on down to Smith Lake for a little official exercise. I was feeling better by then, and it was sunny, but cold.  No surprise about the cold thing.  I am not sure that the ice is going to be gone by the time opening of fishing season begins- which is in a mere 3 weeks.  And it almost looks like people have been driving out there recently, maybe I am wrong though.  Could be old tracks.  It was a good walk, as the road is pretty much clear of snow!

Along Omaha Rd

Boat landing

Doesn't look like this campsite will be used anytime soon!
I SO did not walk out there

Clear roads

Shadows as I looked in our yard

When I got home, we drove on out to see the sheep.  There are already a lot of lambs, and then there are those puppies!!  Which will grow up to be the size of small ponies!  I was petting Shep, one of the adult dogs and his massive head comes up to literally my waist.  I just think about all the food and poop that one would have to deal with.  Oy. So, no, no matter how cute they are, I just can't!  Stay strong Debi!

The Llama wonders what the heck I am doing!

Water in the pond

Pretty boys

Curly horns

LOOK at that face

Most of these guys are for sale- they are huge!!  Will be huge!  But are guard dogs for the sheep, they need to be huge.

Quiet night at Beaver Creek Full Curl Sheep Ranch- 
It was a very nice little side-trip.  I am glad I got to go, I woke up to rain and a quite unfortunate snowcast, I mean forecast, for the week.  So the gym it will be!

Until next time, be a JOY GIVER!!  

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