Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Daffodil watch 2013- trying to be positive.....AND A ROBIN

So, while this is very encouraging to see- there is BAD WEATHER looming.  
This is what an accountant's forest looks like!  hahahaha- planted in about 1986

But I know it won't last, so I REFUSE to let it get me down.  Back in the land of the winter that wouldn't quit, the snow is shrinking for the moment and the grass patches are getting bigger.  I see more and more of my flower beds (which I happen to know are full of some major weed action) and it is making me soooooooo antsy to get out into it and cut things back.

Last night I was able to get out for a walk after the gym. I feel that any little bit that I can be outside in what somewhat resembled sunshine, is time totally worth spent.  I did 4 miles, and it was cold, but wonderful.  AND I got a couple cloud pictures that ended up looking different on the camera than what I saw, but still really cool.  It is hard to expose for the bright sun which is making these awesome patterns in the clouds- but it still looks pretty neat.

Some more progress is being seen in the snow melt 

Grass patches starting to get bigger

Still pretty white, though

 AND I have a robin picture or two!!  I have seen robins around for a week or more, but I had not been able to grab a photo- so here are a couple.  The robins might need to hunker down somewhere- we are supposed to get 6 inches of snow soon- this is not really funny AT ALL.  We actually have a winter storm WARNING NOW!!  FOR HEAVENS SAKES.  I recommend the robins find a nice motel room with a hot tub and a wet bar......
Hey, stay there so I can take your picture!!
Searching for worms and bugs
 Meanwhile- here is the gorgeousness of the clouds, that are foreshadowing some yuk.

Cloud patterns

I am going to be stubbornly optimistic, though, I just can't be dragged down anymore.  I'll get my mile in at the gym, I'll keep watching for the grass and the sun and I will get a daffodil this spring yet.  I swear I will- that is beyond the ones that I had blooming in my house...... which were awesome, as I needed those sunny little fellas- BIG time.  I can't wait to plant them outside so they can live on...  SPRING is absolutely on the way, right after this snow storm.

That is my story and I'm sticking with it!

And I will find my joy!

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