Friday, April 19, 2013

Grand daughter from heaven!


Here she is.  

A perfect, lovely child -  daughter of two perfect, lovely people.  

If I do say so myself!

Arriving at 12:56 pm on April 19, 2013

8 lb 12 oz

21 inches long

No name yet, so for now she is christened Little Debi! JK!

My little sunshine baby girl grand!

She looks so so much like my boys, I am amazed.  Jon says that she looks a lot like Sarah too, but I see Oswald (well, technically- Kutz!)

I'll blog those pix tomorrow, I want her to have her very own post today, because as you can imagine, we will see more of this little girl!  :)  The first Mad-grand!  I think I am going to be crying again.....

OH-- this just in...........

A pic of the happy family- better ones to follow, but this is just fine!!

I can't wait to see her

Welcome to my newest JOY

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