Friday, April 19, 2013

Our lives will never be the same

My first "baby"  and his wife had a baby today.  They have no idea....

They have no clue how much this little girl will change their life. They have no idea how much she will infiltrate their minds, their hearts and their soul.  They have no comprehension of the joy, the worry, the pain, the tears, the love and the laughter.... the amount of sheer time they will spend thinking, wondering and considering this child.  Even after she has left home the connection remains, the concern continues and it is the hardest thing in the world to let them go to do their own thing in the world.

BUT she just arrived, so we can't let go yet!

Jonny texted last night to ask for a few pictures to use for comparison of the little one.  So I had a pretty good time looking through the photo album and finding some shots of him as a tiny infant.  Wow this was a long time ago, in some ways, though, it wasn't all that long ago at all.

Interestingly enough, the Kutz genes are very strong (sorry Oswalds!) and so there is a good possibility the little one resemble Jon, but you just never know.  They change a lot as they grow- an understatement if I ever typed one!

I couldn't resist!!
So a child is born and some parents, Grandparents, aunties and uncles are also newly arrived.  And are we ever excited!!

So welcome Baby Girl Oswald.  Grandma Debi is so happy and so anxious to meet you!  And, wow, are we going to have a good time....

I look kinda tired!

Pictures WILL follow!

And that will give me more joy than you can imagine


  1. John looked like an adorable baby (and you looked like a baby having your babies!) Congrats DebiO!!

    1. I was a whole 22!!! :) thanks so much!!

  2. Congrats, Debi! Enjoy your new grandbaby!