Wednesday, April 17, 2013

It MUST be almost Spring! Here's proof!


And the first one is PUSSY WILLOWS!

Yep, the pussy willows don't care how much snow is left on the ground, they must be responding to the longer days and increasing sunlight.  Pussy willows are apparently very optimistic, like me!

I went for a walk last night (4.2 miles, so it took an hour) and only had a sweatshirt on.....  it was a bit cold, but I warmed up quickly.  This was after leg day at the gym and then (lordhavemercy) ABS class.  However, as soon as a saw that it was staying sunny, I was all over that walking thing!  

Along the way I had a spring Mad-Accountant spotting!  That's right kids, it is April 16 and you know who has out the chain saw!  Of course he is bundled up like it is mid-winter (he has been known to not be quite as optimistic as I am- hehe), and why in the world he decided to put on his dad's helmet liner from Grandpa Oswald's army days, I just am not sure.  I don't ask.

I AM sure that after spending the last 4 months in the office (the last 2.5 months without a single day off), it just felt good to be out. This is the only the 2nd time or maybe 3rd since we moved up here a LONG time ago that he hasn't been able to rake the lawn on April 15 or 16. 

So off I went on my walk, and noticed a lot of water running, grass patches expanding and the pussy willows popping out.  SUCH an awesome thing to see.  I can't even talk about the forecast for this Thursday night.....  

So given a choice of where I want to walk, of course I headed west to the Stone House, it is a 4.2 mile walk round trip- perfect for an hour plus of exercise.

Grass is showing!  ALMOST to the point that I can head up the ditchline to get some closeups

Beautiful blue skies
And so it goes in northern WI, you just never truly know what each day let alone what each year will bring.  Fortunately, the clues are there if you just keep your eyes open.

And finding them brings me a lot of joy!

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