Sunday, April 14, 2013

sunrise, sunset

Hmm, I am unintentionally setting up my posts with song lyrics and titles.  Oh well.  I have a lot of posts in me today, apparently, but I really need to get going.  So pancake Sunday is out of the way, and now I have somethings to do before I hit the gym at 10....

However, I need to post these photos, proving to myself and others that there is indeed the potential for warmer weather, or at least an occasional sun sighting.  My optimistic outlook on life prevails, no matter what internal and external forces are involved.

Beautiful sunset
I saw an amazing sunset last night, and in fact Rob from Channel 9 put it on the weather last night!  That never fails to make me smile.  And then this morning I was surprised to see not only was there no snow in the air, but indeed there was a sunrise to be admired, of course there were some clouds encroaching, but this was good!

Equally lovely sunrise
So sit back and admire the view, especially if you are in this upper tier of the midwest.  Rumor has it that May is only a few weeks away.

Frosty sunlit trees

Somewhere under there are my daffodils


Encroaching clouds

And so it goes in Wisconsin....

Live your life in spite of everything...... and certainly in spite of the snow.

And find your  joy!


  1. Your images are beautiful......despite all that snow :) We have certainly been tested this winter with all of this lovely (?) weather. But, spring is coming - I'm sure!?!?!

  2. Thank you so much Anna! I am SO hoping that spring is coming soon! :)