Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Snow Day and other late April oddities

So yesterday was a little strange-ish.  I mean, face it, it is unusual to have all this snow left and unusual to have a snowday so late in April.  I mean on top of snow, snow and more snow.  It was pretty, I have to say, but I'd rather be looking at green.  I'm so over white right now.  I don't think mother nature should be wearing white after April 1!

Feed me!

So what did I do yesterday?  I sat most of the morning and read my book club book!  It is a collection of short stories by Alice Munroe called "Dear Life".   It was ok, I have a lot to say at the discussion that is indeed NEXT TUESDAY!!  YES, I went into book club and realized, myself, before I even got in there, that probably it was next week.  It is the last Tuesday of the month, and this May finds 5 Tuesdays.....  Oh well.  I'm ready for next week!  Probably, our fearless leader, Cat, was snowed in up in Glidden anyway!

Other than that, I did some cooking!  I had found a recipe while perusing my Pinterest Vegetarian board, and knew I had all the ingredients or at least most.  Other than fresh ginger, which I picked up on my way to the gym.  It took determination and aggressive driving, but I got OUT of my driveway!  lol.  By the time I left the house at 11 or so, the roads were fine- just the driveway was a problem.  It is a quinoa and lentil crockpot stew- I will be blogging that later.  I think the flavors are going to be better today, so I want to know before I write about it.  I also made some roasted chickpeas- technique also will be blogged and some Lara bars....  Nice to have some extra food around, so I don't have to cook much this week!

It was a low key and enjoyable day- I got more Ella pictures!!  YAY!!  Only 10 days until I can actually see, smell and hold that little thing.  Gramma is coming sweetie!!

I LOVE this pic!!  She is thinking- what ARE these people doing to me??

Lotsa hair!!  

With her daddy!

I also woke up at midnight with the hiccups!  Now I haven't had the hiccups in YEARS and YEARS!  IDK what the heck that was all about. AND THEN the full moon shined in on our bed and almost blinded me- it wasn't a real restful night sleep.....

So I have a short week coming up, which is kinda cool!  REALLY short as we have an early dismissal day on Friday- good for the kids, sometimes somewhat painful for us.  Who knows what meeting we are going to have to sit through.  Hopefully something useful...... we shall see.  I'm holding off judgement!

On to Wednesday now!  And hopefully it will be full of some unexpected joy! (and no snow!)

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