Sunday, April 28, 2013

Daffodil watch kicks into high gear!

So this is what the lawn looked like on Friday night when I headed out for my walk- still snowy but inroads are being made..........

HOWEVER, by Saturday afternoon there was a path to the flower garden and THIS IS WHAT I SAW!!!

I knew they were there lying in wait!  I have to resist the urge to uncover them, I HAVE to wait a few days for the dirt to dry out and all.

And it will be a JOY to get in there and get my hands dirty!!  :)

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  1. Everything is SO LATE here. No buds yet. It is almost sort of surreal. I can't even think in my head what will bloom when. We have the length of daylight hours moving right along, and that is a key element for some plants like coneflowers. So will they bloom at the same time (about a week or so past the Solstice), but on shorter stems? Forsythia blooms based on degree days, dandelions, too. I'm confused.