Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Photos from the weekend

So HOW did it get to be Wednesday already??  Anyway, I took some pix over the weekend and here is a sampling.  It was a glorious few days, the snow melting made it a little chillier than it could have been, but I embraced it!  :)  Most any snow you see here is now gone!  Monday and Tuesday's warmth took care of it, and Wednesdays rain should take care of most of the rest of it.  I can't even discuss what they are talking about for Wednesday night into Thursday.....

Favorite Tree
Runoff on the road


Butternut Creek

Smith Lake

Boat landing not quite ready for boats


Smith Lake


At the sheep ranch

Swamp created from a beaver dam a few years ago

Way back field

Optimistic by nature!

My gorgeous river birch!

Old birch tree

Patterns in nature

Pussy willows

Spiral staircase

It was a picture-filled weekend!  Hope you can find some picture-perfect joy today!

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