Saturday, May 11, 2013

Baby girl!

I was sitting here trying to decide what to post first--  and of course Ella, along with her mom, dad, Grandpa, uncle Greg and auntie Sarah was the obvious and clear choice.  I have been attempting to do some photo editing, but I get so wrapped up staring at the pictures of her that I just don't get too far!  I am so glad that summer will be here soon!
Little Ella and Grandma Debi

Anyway, we had a wonderful long weekend in Janesville.  It was so nice to leave the SNOW and get to warmth and green grass down in southern WI.  The MA decided that he could indeed spend a day or two away from the office and more specifically, there was nothing much to do outside with 8 inches of snow on the ground!  And there is that little matter of he held Ella almost as much as I did, he got to mow a lawn and dig in a garden.

Gramma and Grampa

Oddness- that's all I have to say...

What a joy that little girl is!  I understand that she was - quote- bellering- unquote a lot the previous week. BUT she was pretty happy while we were there!  It is an ongoing cycle of feeding and sleeping and changing and holding, that whole baby thing.  We even got out for a walk with everyone over to Sarah's parents' house to be..... yes it was that nice!  Sigh.

The Mad Middle son Greg and Sarah Jane also drove on over for the afternoon, and it was so nice to see them as well!  I do wish the elusive Mike would have come along, but we will see what we can do next time!

So of course you are going to find an over abundance of pictures in this post, but of course you will have to forgive me!  Gramma's are like that!

Family portrait with Manny 

Early morning with Ella

First time holding her

It was such a good weekend!  It was sad to leave them all behind.  I will be emailing a bunch of these photos to you kids!  :)

Until next time (Mother's Day, coincidentally enough) be a joy giver!

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