Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day 2013 UPDATED

Wow what a difference a year makes!

The obvious difference is the weather, which just barely deserves mention.  I just looked back on my Mother's Day post from last year, and it was SO much different!  Green grass, leaves, flowers......  I just can't.

BUT of course a big old difference is the fact that I am now a new kind of mother- a Grandmother- like we don't all know that!  I just read a little post on facebook recently that said Grandma's are mothers with frosting-and sprinkles!  (I added the sprinkles part in my head right after that)  I spent a part of last night making some nice soft flannel burp towels for the little one, and those will go in the mail tomorrow.  FUN STUFF!  Just wait!  There'll be more!

Anyway, this adds a whole new twist to Mother's Day and how awesome is that!  I have found a few pix of my mom, it just seems right to put them up here.  The problem is that there are not a lot of them. I have a whole box of old pix upstairs that I hope to find (major reno of the upstairs stuff going on) and I plan to update this post when I find them!

I got a lovely little bouquet of flowers from Greg and SarahJane which was awesome, and I assume Mike will find his way over here at some point.  Jon and Sarah are a little busy, so they are excused!  :) I do plan to celebrate my day by hitting the gym later this morning and just generally lazing around a bit.  I have to get a walk in though, I avoided the cold yesterday, but it can't be skipped today!

I am sure my mother would not be thrilled with these pix!  HAHA- but it is just how I think of her.  I think she's beautiful

So, whatever your day is like, make sure you take some time for Mom.  If you are remembering her, visiting her, calling her......  indulge in a moment to embrace her in your own way.  Your mom helped form the person that you are- not all of it, some of it is your own fault- LOL- but you know what I mean. There are so many facets to being a parent, and whether you are one yet or not, there is something you can do to make the day special!  For yourself and for her.  If nothing else, in your own thoughts.

Until next time- be a joyous giver!  And someone bring me some warm weather again, huh???

Stay tuned for more photos!

Mom and dad on right with Grandma Oberley, and my aunt and uncle Audrey and Ralph- in Florida

Mom and Dad on their wedding day

Mom and dad with ME!  :)


  1. Happy Mother's Day! What a blessing, to have that beautiful baby in your life and the memories of a wonderful mother! Enjoy your day :)

    1. Thank you so much Tanya- you have a wonderful Mother's Day, too! I'll see you tomorrow! ;)