Sunday, June 2, 2013

And it is June...

I was slightly surprised it was June yesterday, that sounds crazy, but sometimes I get so focused on something I forget what the next thing is.  In other words, I am so focused on getting to the end of the school year, that I didn't "realize" it was June yesterday until I looked at my calendar and saw that I had to switch months.

What does June mean??  Well, obviously it is a change of the seasons, an end to the school year, the beginning of a new mindset.  YAY for summer.

I have a few travel plans for the summer, that I will address as they come up.  I mean I don't want to go on and brag about a trip to Timbuktu that doesn't happen!!  I am starting though, with a trip to see my Sistah-Rose for a day or two right away next Sunday!  I just need to have my sister time in the Cities.

So, it is raining this morning, which gives me a little slow down and goof around time.  It is kind of irritating, as the weather man assured us yesterday that it was not supposed to rain today....  sigh.  Oh well, there is lots I can work on.

I am starting to workout the plans for Jon and Sarah's concrete bench, and I may break out the adhesive and start the process.  I also found some black glass and I can workout my raven, too.  I want to find some iridescent black glass as well, so I can't finish the raven, even if it is small.  AND I have a planter or two that can be done as well.  Good rainy day thing to do.  I am excited at the prospect of getting my garden shed in working order!  I have so much stuff and it needs to be organized.  I will begin the process of buying clear bins to store my glass and tile in and figure out where exactly to put shelves, the work bench and all the details that need attending. There will be electricity out there and I am going to have a few lights and a ceiling fan installed!  The ceiling fan will be awesome to keep the place cooler and work-able.  And I want to make it cute and not another place for a certain pack rat to dump his junk!

So one more week of school- I am going to have some help cleaning my HS room, that will leave me my elem. room to deal with.  I got quite a bit of reorganizing done last week on Thursday, so I have mostly my teaching materials to put away and organize!  My goal is to only have to spend a little time after school is done in my rooms, like less than a day.  Cleaning out art rooms is a daunting task!  Oy.

I have most of my flower gardens cleared out, thanks to the MA who helped me with a big one yesterday.  Now I can work on the last one and then go back over the other ones a little at a time.  Get the roots that were missed, get in between plants that are blooming and shouldn't be disturbed, marking drifts of daffodils that need to be divided, etc.

Anyway, enough of my musings for the morning.  I am looking forward to getting a lot of stuff done both today and this week at school.  And then let the summer begin!

Have a joyful day...

AND ONE MORE MONTH TO JULY!!!  AND we know what that means in the land of the Mad-Artteacher!!!  BIRTHDAY MONTH!!!


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