Sunday, June 30, 2013

June wrap-up 1: Mom

I am dying to do some blogging, so instead of trying to do a long few, I am going to do several short and fast ones.  The first thing I am going to blog is my mom....

I am so pleased to have these 4 gen pictures!  It is so nice to have my mom holding her great granddaughter.  She still knows Jon and Sarah, so that makes it extra special.  Lol, she sort of didn't know what to say, so she kept saying.... "remember when....." and then would tell people her 4 kids' names.  It made me smile instead of making me sad.  So here are a few pix of mom holding Ella Grace and Jon, mom, Ella and I.  It was cute- she looked so torn between staying to play bingo and coming with us when we finally found her that afternoon.  For just a second... thanks Ma!  Lol

You would hardly know that my poor mother had broken a bone in her neck just a few months ago.  Wow.  She is a tough woman, so resilient, stubborn and yet sweet.  I hope to have some of those sorts of traits when I get to be her age and older.  Unfortunately, I think I will have a potty mouth, which my mother decidedly does not have.  :D
My awesome SIL- Darlene with mom and Ella

So, this was part of my weekend, sandwiched in between babysitting Ella and going to Chicago, which I will hit later in the day!

Like I said yesterday, it has been a wonderful June!

A real joy in so many ways

To go along with my mom, I have to say on the way to Chicago I had to drive right by the farm.  I was very very agitated all morning thinking about it, which I didn't realize until I started driving, and so I forced myself to look.  I hadn't planned to look for at least a year, but my need to travel overruled my basic "headinthesand" urges and instincts.  It was horrible.  But on the way home I allowed myself to really look and come to terms with the end of that part of my life.  EVERYTHING is gone except for the metal building that can hold the farm equipment.  The silos, the green half round shed, the trees....  It is surprising and shocking, but I think it is better that it is all wiped clean and almost unrecognizable.

Just Wow

And I did not take a picture

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