Saturday, June 29, 2013

Summer Saturday.....

So, here I finally am- at home for a while.  I have had a fantastic June!
4 gen picture! 

The rundown:

Finished school (wow that seems like a LONG time ago)
Finished cleaning my room at school
Worked on my orders for school next year
Went to see my SEESTER Rose!
(which means I got to hang out in the twin cities area!!)
Worked like a crazy person on my gardens!
Worked on my orders for school
Went to Janesville and babysat Ella!!
Went to see my mom!
Drove by the former family homestead and saw almost nothing left
Drove to Chicago and had a marvelous time there!!
Met 2 of my favorite virtual friends- yay!
Went to the Brewers game (and they beat the Cubs!!  wooot)
Worked out like a fiend when I was home
Worked on my orders for school
Ate WAYYYY too much chocolate and discovered a new passion/weakness for chocolate covered    coffee beans (seriously, I should never EVER buy those again!!) (but I will) (because it is the perfect food!)
FINALLY finished the stupid orders for school!  ugh
Watched it rain and rain and rain and rain and......  well you get the picture

I have so many blog posts in me it is obscene, and I don't know how to get them all in, but I am going to try.  After all people- BIRTHDAY MONTH BEGINS SOON!!!!!

I will say that I had a heck of a June, but I will find something to make me happy every day in July as usual!  Like I wouldn't anyway-  hehehe  After all it is summer....

And it gives me a lot of joy!

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