Friday, July 19, 2013

a random thoughts sort of update

Yeah, I am tired and the neurons are so busy firing in a random fashion that even I am having trouble keeping up.  I do realize that I have not been on here posting, though I think about it a lot!!  Here is my issue:  time.

I get up (I need counseling) at 5 am most every day, make my coffee, inhale a cup while I check my email and a few other online things and listen to the news for a few minutes, then I go for an hour plus walk.  After breakfast and other silly household chores I try to get outside and garden for a while, then perhaps errands or cleaning (ugh) or laundry (UGH) and then sometimes in the early afternoon is the gym, followed by a quick collapse on the couch, dinner and mosaic or gardening.  I generally don't manage to get into the house before 9.  This leaves little time for anything else other than email, a little facebook and maybe Word With Friends.

One reason I am writing the is the fact that WWF was loading so slow I lost interest- so take that!!

I had the  luxurious moment today of totally losing track of what day it is.  I am loving this summer.  I have done a lot of great things, a couple annoying things, but over all I've done a fair amount of traveling and I do like that!  I feel like I am on vacation (see the luxurious feeling moment) and that just is awesome.  If you feel the need to comment to me about my vacation, no haters will be wrecking my good mood so save it for someone who give a flying fig.

A stellar event has happened- a cold front has moved on through and it is almost chilly in the house.  I have great hopes for being cold tonight!  And already my brain and eyes are getting so so sleepy, because they know that quality sleep will be a fact tonight.  HOOO RAY!

I had a massage today- not just a birthday month massage, but one to try and treat some serious numbness I am getting in my hands and arms during the night.  I am having my upper back, shoulders, neck and arms worked on (I sound like a used car) hoping for some relief.  I am going to try weekly 30 min massaged for a while to see if this will alleviate this annoyance.  It was a painful thing to endure this morning, but it felt good too.  I think I must have a pretty high pain tolerance as she was pressing pretty hard.  That muscles release in an interesting thing to experience.

A random thing that I am doing - which totally goes with my enjoyment of photography and social media, is participating in a picture a day for July.  It is a collection of random phrases that you are to interpret and shoot and post on Instagram.  If you want to find me there, I am debikayo.  I have had a good time doing this and I do post a lot of other things too, most of which I facebook connect, but not everything.

I hope tomorrow when I read this it sort of makes sense-- I have almost fallen asleep 3 times and I am anxious to get to bed so I can sleep in the chilly night air.  YAY for chilly sleeping.

So kids, my bed awaits.  Have a great sleep and we will talk to all ya all soon!!

Hey, and don't forget to celebrate birthday month and.....oh YEAH!  Be a joy giver!

More posts to come, don't worry.  My inner writer is sort of dying to get out on the paper.

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  1. It sounds like all is "gud in da nort wood"! Hallelujah on that cold front! It has brought lower humidity. The high humidity and nearly 100 degree temps this last week had been getting a tad depressive.

    Looking to see some pics of Mr. Crow!