Sunday, July 7, 2013

Canoe, canoe

I finally got to launch the new canoe- who I just realized needs to have a name.  Hmmmmmm.  I have to think about that!  Any suggestions?  Lola 2? idk, but I will be considering the possibilities.

Anyway, it was a breezy day and the MA was a little hesitant to go out, and of course at one point I could have smacked him upside the head with the paddle but that moment passed quickly and we had a pretty nice journey.  The river is VERY high, so we went down the flowage area where Smith Creek enters the river.  It is more protected and quiet and not a lot of current to fight against along with the wind.

This canoe feels a little different from the other one we had and the paddles are different, and I have a ton more canoe experience than last time I was on the Flambeau.  Can you believe I have not been in a canoe (a kayak, yes- a canoe, no) since the Boundary Waters trip???  UGH!

I talked and thought about that trip a lot during that paddle.  It was a wonderful thing to revisit.  I need to do that again!

This is the reason we live up here......

Ready for take off

This is where the creek narrows (I guess this is actually where the creek widens and becomes navigable)

And it is such a joy

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  1. Your canoeing, possible MA head-whacking moment aside, looks to have taken years of stress from your face DebiO! Glad you were able to get to that canoeing! The pictures were very nice and one with little bubbles and such almost made me feel like I was right there dipping an oar!