Friday, July 5, 2013


Some beautiful summer days are not fantastic~

I am not sure why, but I am having a crash today.  I have been "UP" for a month now and I frankly wish I could stay in bed all day.

I need to walk, I need to clean, I need to cook for the weekend, and shop, and weed more, and grout a bench.

Yesterday I listened to some people with way more problems than I have, I did no exercise, I ate pretty well, I had a precious possession come crashing to the floor and break, not to mention a jar of dried chickpeas that I still am finding under things, and of course I found the last little shard of glass with my foot last night.  None of these things destroyed me, but.....

I do not feel it today.

Wtf is wrong with me.

It is almost Ella time.

I kinda need to canoe I think.


  1. You have obviously met up with some psychic vampires! Canoeing might be the charm as they can not affect the swirling eddies around a paddle digging into cool water. Ella will help, too. Pasta with garlic and sauteed fresh veggies and grated cheese and olive oil has been known to do the trick, too.

    And there is always the restorative trick of a morning cup with Lola, followed by a walk or run!

  2. Thanks Rochelle - Canoeing unfortunately will not happen today. I am doing the coffee thing and I finished a walk a while ago..... Now the pasta might be a good idea! And I do have all the necessary equipment and ingredients... And of course, Ella and her parents will be here later.