Thursday, July 25, 2013

And birthday month marches on...

I am kind of sad that it is already the 25th of July!  My goodness, time flies. 

Birthday month progresses well!  I did get more weeding done,  a walk in and after watering my tomatoes tonight it DID rain a bunch, which we needed (not amused that it came during the END of Project Runway and nearly spoiled the end)

 AND have gotten in some really great workouts!!

For instance:

Back Day (today)

Warm up

then- (all things today were 3 sets of 10, except for the first one,which was 5 sets of 10.
Bent over row- 45, 50 and 55 pound dumb bells
Lat pulldown- crosspull machine 100lb front facing and then 2 sets of 10- 80 lb
lat row- crosspull machine- 110 lb
lat row machine - 50 lb
pullover machine- 100 lb

(I forgot to do the barbell row! Boo)
In between I did some quick practices:

Bench press:
4 sets of 3 @ 95 pounds

4 sets of 6 @ 95 pounds

Then Lori and I did a circuit of 5 squats, 5 pushups and 10 bicycles/abs for 2 sets.  WHEW!  I was wiped out after that! But, I actually could have done more pushups and squats!

Anyway, I went in to the eye doctor recently and today I got contacts.  I lasted 2 hours in them before I had to take them out.  My eyes were so tired I could barely make lunch!  I am really thinking itll be easier tomorrow.  I am trying out mono vision- one contact for reading another (or none) for distance.....  The first day was marginally successful.  I have hope though!

Tomorrow I MUST clean upstairs a bit for my dear SEESTER Rose and Emily who are coming to visit.  Have to spiff and neaten a little. YAY for the adventures yet to come.

I've been thinking about the Boundary Waters- I was there a year ago.  And the memories are clear and vivid and I've been reminiscing a lot this week.  Summer is in full swing, and I am worried that it will suddenly end too quickly and I am trying to savor every moment of birthday month!

And I am very tired now, so off to bed I go, to take a walk and go to the gym and make some food, clean some house, weed some garden and find some joy.  Sweet dreams, y'all!

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