Monday, August 5, 2013

And another week begins...... ready.......... GO

Apostle Islands and/or Bayfield AGAIN this week???  I should think so!!

So here in Park Falls, once Flambeau-rama has ended so has summer as far as the locals are concerned.  These lovely people up here really need to be more positive.  This is one of the times that I still don't consider myself a local, even though I have lived here longer than I care to admit.  Now don't get me wrong, I like living here most of the time.  Hey, no place is perfect, right?! But this whole "well,  once you hit Flambeaurama, the summer is about done." mentality drives me just a little nuts.  It is only the 5th of August for pity sakes.  And then they ALL start talking about the "S" word.  Talk about joy stealing, sheesh.

So my week-

The first thing I really need to do is sweep up all the dog hair, sand and grass off the floors from the weekend.  Shove the dear MA out the door, and get at that!  He actually took most of Friday off (shockeroo) and so there is even more of said flotsam and jetsam than usual...... well, I imagine the doggies could have had something to do with it as well.

I get to continue my birthday JOY and have lunch with my partner in tattoos- Nettie- then hit ye old gym.  NEW program there, headed towards even more heavy lifting!  :)  Ah life is good.  I had planned to walk this morning, but it was raining, which was a great thing. We NEED a bit of rain, now.  So I will do that later!

I do need to start moving some things around- soon- as my house is about to undergo a major transformation: siding!!  Mostly, I have to figure out where to stash my mosaic materials for the time being.  I hate to put it away away, but it will need to be moved for the event.  Plus there are a couple interior walls that need to be addressed a new window, a new door on the side......  a few things.  Plus finding a new frig (long story) and  few other internet searches are needed to find just the right house and garden shed items.

One of the days this week will involve a trip up to Bayfield again to get  raspberries!  Oh that will be so sad to go up to that gorgeous location and we might be FORCED to eat breakfast at Coco's again......  It'll be hard, but we will muscle through!

Wednesday will find me involved in an S word activity- I have to go through mentor training up in Ashland.  We have quite a few new staff members this year, and they need mentors from experienced staff, sooooooo  we have to be officially trained.  Really though, they just need someone to help them with our Infinite Campus and to bring them treats in about February when you want to simply fly to Florida for the day (Adam: we DO need to do that) or lock your door and not allow the students to enter.  But, I'll go to Ashland with my favorite Mad-Science Teacher EVER, have some coffee at the Black Cat and enjoy lunch somewhere cool.  Yes, I think I will!!

Later in the week there is a potential trip to Madison for the farmer's market (bahahaha) and just some general weeding, art work, possible cooking, lots of exercise and any other thing that might happen.  It is after all summer and you never know what might crop up!  Let the joy continue!

I can also feel a photo blog post, as I have not published too many lately..... and you KNOW I have them.  I just haven't edited them all.

Alrightie, I need to get on with this day- I want to try and jam as much summer into the following weeks of summer as I can manage!  It is the joyful thing to do!

Until next time- Be a JOY GIVER!!!

Vocabulary list for the day:

Flambeau-rama:  Local celebration that lasts the better part of a week, always involving the first FULL weekend of August.  Beer is consumed, parades will be seen. Children (and their dogs) come to stay for the weekend.  That's all you need to know.

S word:  I think we all know what that means......

Joy stealer: Anyone who wants to suck the joy out of another's life, whether a conscious or unconscious effort is involved.  These people are generally best avoided.  But some are definitely worth the effort to rehab!

Bayfield and Ashland: Desirable destinations on Lake Superior that have great coffee, great food and LOTS of photo ops for those of us with a photography fixation.

Sarcasm:  Sarcasm- the habit of saying one thing - frequently said or written with an evil, malicious grin- but meaning the opposite.  The Mad-Art teacher has been known to occasionally indulge in this sort of behavior!  Sarcasm is implied not pointed out! So  you won't find that word in the text above, but it is implied and it is NOT the S word, which if you don't know what it is yet, then you are just beyond my help and probably need to go back to sc.......  oh, never mind.

Joy giver: anyone who -  has a smile for you anytime, will text or email you randomly and frequently,  has a positive word of encouragement, likes life and the people around them, do not seek to bring up every negative thing happening in the community, state, nation and world with the express intent of trying to convince you that life and people suck...... because it and they don't.  At least not in my world!!  :) Joy givers can be found everywhere and occasionally will have bad days.....  so don't worry.


  1. Just name the day, and we'll hop on that plane to Florida....

  2. Deb, I for one, agree that summer is slipping quickly away from us, especially after Flambeau Rama. I love the Rama, too ( ) but once it's over, time is ticking twice as fast it seems. I'm going to take your advice and cram as much summer into August as I possibly can...I think you just gave me a great article idea!