Monday, August 12, 2013

Momentarily paralyzed

I am facing a short term crisis,  of course of my own doing.

My house is about to be resided.  I have known about this for a while.  I need to move stuff away from the walls outside, move things from next to a window that will be removed, things need to be rearranged and set for this. I have almost nothing done, and I still have to go get some cash, groceries for the MA and yeah.... pack.  So WHY am I blogging about it??  Because when I am suddenly overwhelmed, I avoid things.  Which is just this side of insane.  And I have the urge to eat chocolate, bagels and anything else that I can find.  Plus play mindless games on facebook, but at least I am not doing that right now.  And I really want to rearrange my closet, too.

I am traveling to see my son, daughterinlaw, GRANDGIRL, and my mom.  My sister will be coming too, so this is a big old win for me.  And there could be shopping.....

UGH.  I have to go now, as I have about a million more trips up the stairs to do and go to town and pack.  Now why isn't this done already???  Oh right- I went to Madison for the day on Saturday and spent Sunday recovering from that trip, and another stressful thing that I just won't go into.

Ok, now that I have identified this problem, and I have talked myself out of a chocolate covered bagel I will drink a big glass of water and continue on my moving and rearranging and packing.  Yeah, I better get moving.

I'm hoping to find some joy later in the day!

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