Sunday, September 22, 2013

Moving right along

This September is going at a whirlwind pace!

The end of this week is MID QUARTER at school!!!  How does this even happen??  I can't possibly be needing to do progress reports already in a week!  I feel like we are just starting to hit our stride, it still feels new.  I shook my head in disbelief when my Mad-English-Teacher friend and I discussed this.  Wowza.

Along those same lines, we had a big old freeze last night- at least according to the amount of frost on my garage roof.  I did some judicious harvesting of things last night, and I did some freezing of greens and the MA and I made grape juice out of a pile of grapes.  The grapes are our first harvest from the vines that are growing all over the fence and arbor by our garden.  I plan to make jelly out of the juice I think.  I suppose I could freeze the juice, but I don't know.... Whatever.  I had my greens blanched and in bags and the grapes had been lightly cooked to pop the skins and I was ready to use the food mill to extract the juice when the MA came in from outside.  He stood around and offered to "help".  He really wanted to use that food mill thingie.  Lol, so I took advantage of that and cleaned up from the rest of the mess I had made.  So I probably have 8 - 10 cups of juice to deal with today.

With the cold nights comes the inevitable change of seasons and the leaves are starting to really turn now.  They are probably only about 10 - 15 % changed, but this is the time you get some beautiful reds to contrast the green.  With those amazing complimentary color combos (red and green for those of  you non-art people), mother nature is beginning her show.  As much as I dread the winter to come, the fall is my favorite time of the year.

Yesterday was a great day- shopping at a health food store, getting a few clothes for school (SKIRTS! COBALT BLUE TOP! COOL PANTS!  YAY), finding a farmer's market, having a fabulous breakfast in Minocqua, fun little excursion with a good friend.  I will be shopping again soon, as I have been reserved to create a Madrigal costume this fall.  Today I will need to reorganize my sewing room from it's state of construction chaos.  How am I going to shove all this stuff into one day??  Sigh.

I am looking out at a beautiful blue sky with some gorgeous oranges on top of the trees and feeling the bug to get going.  So I will head into my Sunday, with my fall transition almost complete.  Because like it or not, time marches on.  Fall, school, life..... even my food is changing.  Not so much grilling, more indoor cooking.  Football is on the tv. The deer hunters are starting to show up in our woods (relatives!) and the turkeys and smaller birds are gorging on the food that is so abundant right now.  It is sort of a magical time.

Pictures should follow at some point!

Find some joy in your fall weekend, I think today is the first official one!

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