Monday, September 23, 2013

The weekend in pictures

I had a really busy weekend, but it managed to be relaxing all at the same time!  I like that, it makes me feel like I accomplished something and my inner Debi feels like she got to do what she wanted to, too.  So I did manage to take a few pix, not so much of Saturday, but that's ok!

coffee time
It was a GORGEOUS weekend here, got a little cold at night, but the days were sunny and warm/cool (yes, warm/cool- don't judge me) and the leaves are beginning to  change and so it was a visual treat.  Kind of like I spy- my eyes were always looking for the red and the oranges of autumn.

Lola loves her sunflower background

Butternut Creek

Fall self portrait

Grape jelly

Grape jelly

Ready for a break- almost

Ok, so here are a few glimpses into Saturday-

The breakfast from the Island Cafe in Minocqua was SUBLIME!!  Then while visiting a little bakery over there, I spied a backyard container garden that they must use for their tiny cafe.  So cool.  Plus an old car, and then that night a whole lot of produce had to be dealt with..... freeze warning!

Back to Sunday!

Fall blooms

Old forgotten birdhouse

Lots of different things on my agenda, weeding a flower bed, cleaning out a room a bit, organizing and preparing.....  A productive and awesome weekend!

And of course I found a lot of joy!

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  1. Hi 'debio'! I've wanted to post in response to some of your thoughts lately, but many are things I've been wrestling with and maybe too 'close to home' for me to comment on another's least until I've settled my own down. I just ran across something I enjoyed reading and thought of you. Find it at Keep up the 'good fight' and have a great weekend! Phil