Monday, September 30, 2013

REALLY quick pic post

The leaves yesterday were almost optimal, they could turn a little more and be perfect for me.  To be completely turned in color is not as interesting in my opinion, as when there is some green as well for contrast.  Next week could be too far into the fall- hard to tell.  Depends on the wind and the rain and all.

Flambeau River

Anyway, I just can't ever leave my last blog post as angst ridden as yesterday.  Yesterday was a day of inner turmoil and I have one really awesome friend or two from a place not to far away from me that helped tremendously.  Anyway, I took quite a few pix last night, but because in spite of turmoil, yesterday was a super busy day and I did not get a chance to download until this morning.  And so I quickly chose a few pix to do a fast edit and post.  I LOVE fall.

So enjoy these pictures and revel in this beautiful weather....  no matter what it is!

River Road

Our house dressed in Autumn

 Find some joy in this amazing time of the year!!

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