Saturday, September 14, 2013


September rocks because.....

  • I can go for a walk whenever I want, not just in the earlier morning or later evening- lack of humidity is the key here
  • Sweatshirts to hold all of my walking paraphernalia - camera, kleenex, phone, lip balm....  which is cool because then it doesn't feel like  my pants are always falling down.
  • even tho it heralds unfortunate things to come (the W word) the leaves are just beginning to turn- which is my FAVORITE time of year
  • so many vegetables you don't know where to turn next.
  • a notable lack of mosquitos
  • even though I will deny it, school and it's routine are a comfort and a pleasure, mostly.
  • more blankets on the bed!
  • art teacher convention will be happening- and another cool convention later in the cities
  • pumpkins and squash and garden mums and late season flowers
That is a list I came up with without even really thinking, I bet there is more.  But that will be for tomorrow.

Did YOU find your joy today??  

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