Saturday, October 19, 2013

A couple quirky and or purty pix

I wanted to get more than one blog post done today, yet that didn't happen, so I am getting one more in.  I have a bunch of photos that haven't been dealt with at all, and I like to put them online sometimes.  I have been doing a lot of photography- including a trip to Wausau to Rib Mountain- and that deserves its own page.

I have been having massages every other Saturday or so, to deal with some nerve and muscle issues I have, and I write blog posts in my mind when I am laying there.  It is kind of fun!  But those are all bottled up as I am a bit tired and can only manage some pictures.  But I like them and I can't wait to share.  So enjoy!  :)  This is my way of being a joy giver today!  What did you do to spread a little joy?

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