Monday, December 9, 2013

A sadly neglected blog

Well, hasn't it been a while since you have seen me here!  

I have been occupied with a madrigal dress, cleaning up after myself and the Madrigal dress, going to see the Madrigal dinner and then school started up again.  It is SO COLD again tonight and I am sleepy as can be.  At least I have been able to fall asleep the last few nights and not end up going upstairs to toss and turn.

I have to say that once again I am stressing out a bit over this whole Christmas season. The whole weekend was dedicated to decorating, some exercise and cleaning/straightening from the decorating.  And from the Madrigal dress making.  AND making my calendars.  That is a whole lot more fun when you aren't totally thrown off by the odd Thanksgiving/Christmas timing this year and discovering that the 50% off sale at Shutterfly ends Sunday night..... and you throw those things together like lightening. Oy.  So, kids, if you are a past recipient of my calendar, rest assured it IS COMING, but it might be slightly later than Christmas, but it will be there by New Years!

One REALLY nice thing that is coming up here is the 2 day tech conference that I get to go to next week.  IN MINNEAPOLIS!!!!  WOOOOOT!  Can you say coffee/bakery/ethnicfood?  Why yes I can!!  And we are going to fit in a quick visit to the Minneapolis Museum of Art as well.  After THAT, then I have just a few days and the kids will be home for Christmas the weekend before the 25th.  It will be a nice break.

I have a few blog posts in me when I am more awake.  I think.  Or else I could just babble on about nothing, which is nothing new.  But there are things lurking about the brain.

I think the reason I was compelled to write this is to admit that I once again am feeling like I am not doing a good enough job at ... well life.  Today that means that I am not fulfilling my perfect (in my brain) Christmas preseason work.  I rushed to do the calendars.  I rushed to get my decorations done.  I am panicking about having spent the right amount of money on all the people in my life or that the gifts are just ok or that someone will be unhappy.  And at this rate I am going to be depressed when Christmas Day comes and my kids will not be here.  But that is what they have to do this year, and it really is ok.  But I will be a little sad, but I don't think I should be over thinking all of this.  So I am going to kick back and enjoy the Christmas tree and get my presents wrapped a little at a time and possibly find my Christmas cards that are here in the house somewhere and have gotten misplaced in my shuffling. We have to stop being so hard on ourselves for things like this (she's talking to you, Debi) and we have to quit thinking that there is something magic about Dec. 25- because really Christmas is when the kids get here, or when we get there, or any other combination of family and friends that we can come up with.  So, if you get a Christmas card or calendar from me late, know that I am just relaxing into the season and spreading the joy when I can!

So until next time, relax and enjoy the little things.  I am going to make that my goal for the month!  As pretty much everything is a little thing.

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